Conference of Innovation in Research

Innovation in Research Conference that focuses on development of research, and the revenue of which is donated to social projects will be held on the 24th of May in Four Seasons Bosphorus.

The hottest topics of marketing and research will be explored at this conference.

Participation to the conference will be only through donating minimum 480 TRY per person to UNICEF Turkish National Commitee. Collected donations will support UNICEF’s Programme “Prevention of Child Labour in Agriculture

For pre-registration you may send an e-mail to:


  • He completed his bachelor’s degree in Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering and his Master’s degree in Marmara University Industrial Engineering programs.
    Having started in 1997, his research life has been going on for nearly 18 years with KMG; where he participated in the founding team after 2001 followed by Ipsos.
    Until 2015, he worked as Ipsos Loyalty General Manager and Ipsos Turkey Executive Board Member for 8 yeas. Since 2015, he has been working as Ipsos Turkey CEO.

  • After finishing the secondary education in Pertevniyal Lisesi, Başak Şengül completed her undergraduate education in her dream school, İstanbul University Faculty of Communications. Her long run desire to be “the reporter” turned into a clear decision in college years. Şengül decided to go for the best in the industry and follow her passion for reporting, so she started to work as an intern at CNNTürk in 2000, and continued as a correspondent for six years after graduating from college. In 2006, she started to moderate “Gece Görüşü” program for three years, then prepared and presented “Farkında Mısınız?” for six months again in CNNTürk.
    In 2009 Şengül worked as an anchorwoman in HaberTürk for a brief period. By September 2009 she was back home in CNNTürk, where she continues with “Bugün” program during the weekdays and follows the agenda in “Akıl Çemberi” on Fridays.
    In 2005, Şengül is awarded with Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Achievement Award in the category of news for the series “AB Yolunda Zorlu Başlık: Çocuk İşçiler” [Challenging Chapter on the way to EU: Child Workers]. Şengül is an advocate of affirmative action for children and women in the context of news production. Along the political agenda, educational and scientific developments, she closely follows all news that held hope and represent good examples to the future.
    Şengül is fluent in English. She is interested in Wing Chun, kickboxing and photography, drawing, occasionally swims when she finds the chance. She loves to travel, explore and experience new tastes; likes to follow travelling and cooking shows.

  • University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre is a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in online behaviour and psychological assessment. Vess coordinates a range of projects to increase the understanding and use of Big Data and psychometrics in business and society. His work centres around the use of digital footprint prediction to improve performance across sectors, including communications, HR, health, education and security. Through the Apply Magic Sauce initiative, Vess has also engaged millions of people around the world in the debate around privacy and personalisation online.

  • Jacquie Matthews is very proud to be the Global CEO of Ipsos UU, the Qualitative Research division of Ipsos and the largest Qualitative research company in the world. A 25 year veteran of the market research industry, Jacquie brings to each project a passion and satisfaction from finding that key nugget that will enhance and build the brand. She loves to live Ipsos UU’s HOT and COLD approach to research; marrying gamification with robust analytical thinking to understand real people in real life. She is completely engaged with and wants to help lead where she feels the future of research is going: more and more in-context, real-time, digital and social; and moving away from purely collecting point-in-time data to managing an ongoing ecosystem across all the insights on a brand or topic.

  • Being moved by her interest in behavioral sciences and especially experimental psychology, she started working for Ipsos after receiving her degree in Psychology from Boğaziçi University in 2006. Beginning her career at Consumer Panel, she got specialized mainly on quantitative longitudinal studies. In 2014, she attained her master’s degree in Sabancı University Executive MBA Program together with a certificate of Innovation & Leadership from MIT. Since 2015, she started to manage the Ipsos PartneRing Program and became a member of Ipsos Strategic Insight function. In this role, she not only aims a synthesis of various research for holistic understanding and actionable insights for clients but also works with marketing science, innovation and modelling teams to bring an inspiring, new angle to consumer research.

  • Simon leads the Ipsos Knowledge Centre, a specialist team dedicated to bringing the company’s latest research and thinking to our clients around the world. He is a frequent writer and speaker on consumer trends and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. Simon has 25 years’ experience working with clients from across the public and private sectors, and is a specialist in opinion polling. Twitter: @SimonMAtkinson

  • Director of Migration and Politics Research Centre-HUGO, and Dept. Director of European Union Research Center at Hacetepe University in Ankara. Member of UNESCO-Turkey, Member of ISC of Metropolis International.

    Mr. Erdoğan is political scientist and Migration specialist. He received his PhD degree from University Ankara University and Bonn University in political science with the dissertation “Turkey-EU Relationship after the Cold War: 1990-2005”. He is since 2010 Assoc.Prof. at Hacettepe University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Ankara-Turkey. His fields of interest are Turkish Migrant in Europe, EU-Turkey Relationship, Turkish Domestic and Foreign Policy, EU, Europeanization, Germany, Migration, Islamafobi, European Public Opinion and political cartoon. He has several boks and articels. His last books are “Urban Refugees from “Detachment” to “Harmonization” Syrian Refugees and Process Management of Municipalities: The Case of Istanbul” (2017), “Perspectives, Expectetions and Suggestions of the Turkish Bussiness Sector on Syrian in Turkey” (December 2015), “Turkish Migration History” (with A.Kaya, 2015), “Syrians in Turkey: Social Acceptance and Integration” (February 2015), “Turkish Foreign Policy-II (1990-2013)”, “Turks Abroad: Migration and Integration in its 50th Year” (Edit.) and “50 Years 50 Cartoons: Turks in the German Cartoons”. He made as General Coordinator or Consultant for several international projects. He was as guest researcher at the University of Duisburg-Essen (2008), Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V. Berlin (DGAP) (2009), Humboldt Univ., Berlin (2010), Oxford Univ. (2012), SWP (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin) (2013), Johns Hopkins Univ. (AICGS) in Washington DC (2014).

Konferans Programı - Conference Agenda

24 Mayıs/May 2017 - Istanbul, Four Seasons Bosphorus

Moderatör: Başak Şengül, CNN TÜRK

Kayıt // Registration

09.30 – 10.00

Açılış Konuşması / Welcome Speech

10.00 – 10.30
Sidar Gedik – Konferans Başkanı // Conference Chairman

UNICEF Türkiye Milli Komitesi ve Tarımda Çocuk İşçiliğinin Önlenmesi Programı Hakkında
About UNICEF UNICEF Turkish National Commitee and Programme of “Prevention of Child Labour in Agriculture

10.30 – 10.50
Sanem Bilgin Erkut, Genel Müdür / General Manager

Araştırmada Çığır Açıcı İki Büyük Trend: Deneyimsellik ve Bilgi Küratörlüğü
Two Next Big Research Trends Are Here: Experiential and Curation

10.50 – 11.20
Jacquie Matthews – Ipsos UU CEO

Kahve Molası // Coffee Break

11.20 - 11.40

Ipsos Global Trendler Araştırması
Ipsos Global Trends Survey

11.40 – 12.10
Simon Atkinson – Ipsos Chief Knowledge Officer

Araştırmada Dijital Ayak İzlerinin ve Psikometrik Tekniklerin Kullanımı
The Use of Digital Footprints and Psychometrics in Research

12.10 – 12.40
Vesselin Popov, Cambridge Üniversitesi / University of Cambrige

Soru, Cevap, Yorumlar // Q & A, Comments

12.40 – 13.00

Öğle Yemeği // Lunch Break

13.00 – 14.00

Soru Formu Tasarımında Davranış Biliminin ''Sihirsel'' Öğretilerinden Yararlanmak
Benefiting from Magical Learnings of Behavioural Science in Questionnaire Design

14.00 – 14.30
Pelin Halaçoğlu, Ipsos Partnering & Strategic Insight Director

Mülteci Hayatlar Araştırması // Lives of Refugees Research

14.30 – 15.00
Semiha Feyzioğlu, Ipsos Sosyal Araştırmalar Enstitüsü

Soru, Cevap, Yorumlar // Q & A, Comments

15.00 – 15.20

Kahve Molası // Coffee Break

15.20 - 15.40

PANEL: Türkiye’deki Suriyeli Mülteciler ve Bunların Topluma, Ekonomiye ve Pazarlamaya Olan Gelecek Etkileri
Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Their Future Impacts on Society, Economy and Marketing.

15-40 – 16.40
Moderatör: Başak Şengül, CNN TÜRK
Panelistler / Panelists:
Fatma Şahin, Eski Kurucu Aile Bakanı, Gaziantep Belediye Başkanı / Former Founder Minister of Family, Mayor of Gaziantep
Doç. Dr. Murat Erdoğan, Hacettepe Üniversitesi Göç ve Siyaset Araştırmaları Merkezi Kurucusu ve Müdürü / Director of Hacettepe University Migration and Politics Research Centre
Semiha Feyzioğlu, Ipsos Sosyal Araştırmalar Enstitüsü / Ipsos Social Research Institute
Tulin Haji Mohamad, Araştırma Asistanı Hacettepe Üniversitesi / Research Assistant Hacettepe University

Soru, Cevap, Yorumlar // Q & A, Comments

16.40 – 17.00

Kapanış Notları // Closing Remarks

17.00 – 17.20

*Konferans boyunca simultane tercüme hizmeti sunulacaktır. // Simultaneous interpretation will be provided throughout the conference


Participation to the conference will be only through donating minimum 480 TRY per person to UNICEF Turkish National Commitee.
Collected donations will support UNICEF’s Programme “Prevention of Child Labour in Agriculture”.
1 participation donation will support work for 8 children for 1 year.
When a group of 3 people donate, they will have the right to invite 1 more person as a guest.

Bank Account Information:

UNICEF Türkiye Milli Komitesi
Yapı ve Kredi Bankası - Bilkent Şubesi
Account No:50654777
IBAN : TR96 0006 7010 0000 0050 6547 77

More specifially, the donations will be used for 400,000 working children, who are unable to
go to school, compansate their missing education and support them with informal education
so that they could catch up with their educcation.

For further information

About UNICEF’s Programme on “Prevention of Child Labour in Agriculture.

25% of the employment is at agricultural sector in Turkey. Each year during the harvest season, 1 million people migrate to rural areas.

They live in difficult conditions near the fields without canalization and clean water.

Children accompany this migration together with their families.

According to Turkish Statistical Institute, there are 893,000 children in labour and 44% of them are working in agriculture.

There are 393,000 child workers between 6 – 18 age.

Half of these children are not going to school and work more than 40 hours a week.

The cost of the annual work to support 1 child worker to resume education is only 60 TRY.


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Conference of Innovation in Research will be held on the 24th of May in Four Seasons Bosphorus Istanbul.

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